Artist statement | 藝術家自述


Jason Kwong, a contemporary abstract artist hailing from Hong Kong and currently based in the United Kingdom, is in his third year pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton. His artworks predominantly delve into the relationship between inner peace and the external world, expressed through geometrical and simple shapes.

A significant aspect of Jason's artistic exploration revolves around geometries, inspired by his belief that the world is fundamentally composed of these shapes. He views art as a universal language and a reflection of reality, aiming to master the "alphabet" of art, which he sees as simple shapes, to strengthen the rationality and coherence of his works. Jason's artistic journey has led him to investigate art movements closely aligned with geometries, such as De Stijl, Minimalism, and Suprematism, drawing inspiration from renowned artists like Piet Mondrian, Carl Andre, and Kazimir Malevich.

Growing up in Hong Kong has deeply influenced Jason's sense of belonging and motivation to pursue art. He has been profoundly impacted by social movements, both in his homeland and globally, prompting him to create art that embodies simplicity and serves as a reflection of his utopian ideals. Currently, Jason primarily works with sculptures, employing various mediums such as steel, concrete, silicone, and glass. Before finalizing his pieces, he extensively explores geometries through 3D prints and readily available materials, allowing his ideas to manifest in tangible form.

Jason's artistic practice is characterized by its rapid evolution in forms and materials, with each artwork possessing its own system and order while remaining experimental. His preference for bold outlines and clear shapes often leads him to utilize techniques like casting and 3D printing to achieve the desired effect or to opt for mediums with a robust character, such as steel bars.

In essence, Jason's art is marked by its simplicity and formalism, aiming to transcend cultural barriers and communicate with viewers on a profound level without the need for words. He aspires to share his struggles between utopia and reality, his pursuit of peace amidst chaos, and his nostalgic or paranoid perceptions of the world through his self-invented artistic language.

Looking ahead, Jason is eager to continue exploring the realm of art, embracing any impacts or shocks the physical world may offer as inspiration to create more art that reflects his position between realms. He is committed to living his best life as an artist and further honing his craft in the future.





鄺律銘的藝術探索的重要方面之一是幾何學,這源於他相信世界本質上是由這些形狀組成的。他將藝術視為一種普遍的語言和現實的反映,致力於掌握藝術的“字母”,即簡單的形狀,以增強作品的理性和一致性。鄺律銘的藝術之旅使他深入研究與幾何緊密相關的藝術運動,如風格派、極簡主義和至上主義,並從Piet Mondrian、Carl Andre和Kazimir Malevich等知名藝術家中汲取靈感。