Biography of Jason Kwong | 鄺律銘個人簡介


Born on March 22, 2003, in Hong Kong, Jason Kwong is an accomplished artist whose exploration of the city's sense of belonging ignited his creative journey. Now a Bachelor of Arts student at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton , Jason delves into the interplay between geometries and the spiritual and physical worlds through abstract art.

Guided by his investigation of Hong Kongers' sense of belonging, Jason's artistic evolution leads him to uncover deep connections with his home and explore his inner peace at a parallel time. Jason believes the world nowadays are too complicated and problematic to him. He then creates art with simple feature and pattern in order to express his idealism and opinion to the world. His works create tension by rapidly changing the intention of escaping from the reality and showing his nostalgia on this world. Specializing in abstract art, he translates his passion for simple shapes into complex patterns that reflect his unique perspective.

Amidst his studies, Jason actively collaborates with fellow artists, engaging in discussions about the interplay of formalistic and expressivity. His research delves into the inherent the aesthetic of simplicities in geometries, uncover his emotions and create tension with his creation. Through his art, Jason seeks to transcend language, inviting viewers into a profound dialogue between the tangible and metaphysical.

Drawing inspiration from rich cultural heritage of both Hong Kong and UK, plus contemporary art movements, Jason integrates diverse influences into his work, crafting a narrative that transcends cultural boundaries.

Jason Kwong's artistic journey epitomizes his commitment to transforming ideal forms into intricate patterns and system, offering viewers an opportunity to explore the dialogue between the tangible and metaphysical. His art embodies a genuine exploration of geometries and their relationships within spiritual and physical realms.